1.1L Doses Near Expiry; Mega Vax Drive Planned

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  • Over 5.93 lakh doses have an expiry date by August in Indore division
  • The department is running a vaccination drive ‘Ghar Ghar Dastak’ to cover the population left
  • The health department is contemplating to soon launch mega vaccination

Indore: Health department is contemplating to run a mega vaccination drive once again to exhaust around 1.10 lakh doses in the stock before the same gets expired in next 45 days. According to the senior health department officials, they have as many as 4650 doses of Covishield that would expire on June 29th while they have a deadline of one month to utilise about 38000 jabs before the same gets wastage.

Besides, the department has around 1.10 lakh doses to be expired on August 6th. To use the vaccines to be expired in next one-week, local health officials are banking on government employees on the election duties as the administration has instructed them to do complete their due course of vaccination.

The health department is contemplating to soon launch mega vaccination drive to cover the population left from taking precaution dose. The senior health officials claimed that there are over 2 lakh people including those above 60 years of age and the government employees, whose free vaccination of precaution dose was yet to be completed.

“We will approach these persons, who are eligible to get free precaution. Apart from targeting these many people, the mega vaccination drive will also help in utilizing the doses in the stock” the immunization officer Dr Tarun Gupta said. He however added that the loss of awareness and lack of zeal among people to follow Covid-19 guideline and compulsorily complete the course of all three vaccine doses is still an issue of concern.

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