1.7 Million People Locked Down Amid Fresh COVID Spike in China

Story Highlights
  • National Health agency reports surge in COVID-19 cases.
  • 1.7million people barred from leaving homes.
  • Mass testing expediated across provinces in the wake of surge.

Beijing: China reported a drastic surge over the weekend after a large count of infected cases came over from Anhui province. Following 385 incidents on Saturday, the nation reported 380 cases on Sunday. Infection rates have recently increased after being below 50 for the majority of the preceding two weeks. The major outbreak in Anhui province locks 1.7 million people at home.

The first outbreak in the Anhui province was reported last week where officials found hundreds infected leading to the accentuation of mass testing. Two other counties- Sixian and Lingbi also underwent lockdowns permitting residents to leave homes only for testing.

While China seems to have brought earlier outbreaks in mega cities Shanghai and Beijing under control, its Covid-Zero goal is facing a test again in its eastern provinces. Shanghai’s neighbouring Jiangsu province reported 56 cases on Sunday.

The surge comes as the Chinese economy begins to rebound from a month-long lockdown in Shangai and Beijing.

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