11 Delhi Cops Suspended for Negligence in Kanjhanwala Drag and Hit Case

NEW DELHI: Following approval by the competent authority, a total of 11 Policemen of Rohini District deployed en route at PCRs and pickets on the night of January 1 in the Sultanpur-Kanjhawala route have been suspended, the Delhi Police informed on Friday.

The Union Ministry recommended the suspension after receiving a detailed report on the Kanjhawala case. It recommended the Delhi Police immediately suspend the cops deployed in three PCR vans and two police pickets. The report was prepared by Special Commissioner of Police Shalini Singh. Singh was tasked to submit a detailed report after a proper inquiry by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. 

The MHA has also recommended Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora take disciplinary action against these police personnel. The MHA has also suggested the Delhi Police Commissioner to issue a show cause notice against the supervisory officers due to the dereliction of investigation in the case.

“Action must also been taken to improve the law-and-order situation in the capital so that people, especially women and children, live in a fear-free environment,” the MHA said.

A thorough examination will be carried out to ascertain whether the PCR van units should be merged with the district police for better coordination, a media house reported. The PCR vans were split from the district police a few years ago.

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