150 People Abducted by Taliban Militia; Not in Danger Inform Govt Sources

Story Highlights
  • Taliban abducts 150 people from gates of Kabul Airport.
  • Govt sources report no immediate danger to abducted Indians
  • Earlier today morning 85 airlifted Indians landed in Tajikistan

Kabul: As per local reporters from Kabul, the Taliban have capsized nearly 150 people outside the Kabul Airport gates. Several amongst them are believed to be Indians. Taliban however denied the abduction quoted a Kabul based reporter. 

A top government source reported they were not in any immediate danger and is being questioned at a nearby police station.

The Indian Foreign Ministry is trying to acquire appropriate details about the abduction and the count of the Indians captured.

The abduction comes in the backdrop of the recent airlift of nearly 85 Indians from Kabul by the Indian Air Force C-130J aircraft. The plane safely landed in Tajikistan.

Centre asserted to get back as many citizens as possible working on its evacuation strategies. After evacuating all embassy staff, nearly 1,000 more Indian citizens are speculated to remain in the war-struck country. An official from the Home ministry has said that it was challenging to find the real time location and condition of the Indians, as not all of them were registered with the embassy.  At a gurdwara in Kabul, 200 Sikhs and Hindus have been taken as refugees.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar this week said the government is “very carefully” monitoring the situation in Kabul and Afghanistan, but that the immediate focus is on safely evacuating all citizens. Asked how India views and deals with the Taliban leadership, he said it is still “early days”, not offering direct comment on whether or not India was in touch with the Taliban.

The Afghanistan government collapsed on Sunday, after the Taliban took charge of the Presidential palace. Violent protests and gun fires have become regular in the Taliban acquired regions. 

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