1500 Camps Set Up For Filling Applications For Ladli Bahna

Bhopal: Administration and Municipal corporation has completed the preparations for implementation of Ladli Bahna Yojana in the district. In urban areas, eKYC work is being done by setting up camps in ward and zone offices. The same work is going on in gram panchayats.

The process for filling out applications for Ladli Bahna will begin from March 25 and about 1500 camps have been organized for the same. Collector Avinash Lavania informed that 10 camps will be set in each ward of the city and applications will be filled in 850 camps. More than 500 camps are organized in Gram Panchayats and all these camps will file applications for eligible women beneficiaries free of cost.

The district collector informed that the applications will be filled free of cost and no amount shall be charged for conducting investigations, registrations etc. Applications will be filled by April 30. Aadhaar card and composite ID is a prerequisite for the application. From June, Rs. 1000 will be deposited on 10th of every month in the accounts of women.

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