2 Bombs Found Under Chhattisgarh Road a Month After Maoist Blast

Bijapur: Naxals had planted two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on the Bijapur road, which have now been discovered. On Wednesday, a search operation helped the Police officials to locate the bombs and avert a blast. Fortunately, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) found them.

The CRPF team, consisting of personnel from the 168th and 222nd battalions, found the two IEDs concealed beneath the Awapalli-Basaguda road. These devices posed a significant threat and were similar to the one responsible for the loss of 11 lives in the neighboring Dantewada district in April. The police official noted that the Naxals employed the same foxhole mechanism for planting the deadly IED.

The recovery of these explosive devices underscores the ongoing challenges faced by security forces in combating Naxal activities in the region. The CRPF’s swift action and successful recovery demonstrate their commitment to maintaining peace and security. Some reports even say that this incident is related to the bomb blast which took place on 26 April in the Dantewada district, which killed 10 personnel

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