2-Day Vaccination Mahabhiyaan to be Held in MP on 24 and 25th August

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  • State to organize a two-day Vaccination Mahabiyaan on 24 and 24 August
  • The campaign aims at educating the crowd on the importance of vaccination and COVID behaviour
  • More than 32,000 employees of the NAHP along with 1 lakh COVID-19 Volunteers and 4.5 lakh Brigade Members engaged to spread the word on the importance of vaccination

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh on Wednesday announced the second phase of the two-day vaccination Mahabhiyaan camp to be held on the 25th and 26th August. 

As per his statement, the Mahabhiyaan will be conducted in all the districts of the state. The campaign would attempt to educate the crowd on the benefits of the vaccination and the importance of COVID behaviour. 

Reviewing the state’s vaccination campaign on Wednesday evening, CM Shivraj said,” the importance of immunization should be conveyed to the people. After the control of the second wave, the common man has let down the precautions against COVID-19 and has developed a sense of apathy towards vaccination. It is very important to have a second dose after the first dose is received. This message should be conveyed to the common man through the campaign.”

The Minister of Medical Education, Vishwas Sarang informed active participation of the crisis management team, that would enable Mahabiyaan to be held smoothly in every village and ward of the state. 

Beneficiaries who have skipped the second dose of the vaccine will be informed of the importance of the complete dose of the vaccine through SMS, and telephonic conversations, stated Additional Chief Secretary, Public Health and Family Welfare, Mohammad Suleman. The administration has engaged more than 32,000 employees of the National Adolescent Health Programme (NAHP) along with one lakh COVID Volunteers and 4.5 lakh Brigade Members to connect with the residents across the state. 

So far, the state health department has immunized 3, 91, 43,653 beneficiaries under the national immunization drive.

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