2 Dead As Trailer Falls Into 150 Feet Ditch

Story Highlights
  • 2 people died in road accident.
  • The accident happened near Loro Ghat of Duldula police station area.
  • The driver and helper are not identified yet.

Jashpur: 2 people have died in a horrific road accident in Chhattisgarh’s Jashpur district. It is being told that a trailer coming from Jharkhand side fell into a 150 feet low gorge uncontrollably. Due to which the driver and the helper aboard the trailer died on the spot. The accident happened near Loro Ghat of Duldula police station area. According to the information, a trailer was coming towards Jashpur city on the intervening night of Thursday-Friday. 

Meanwhile, at around 2.30 AM, the trailer fell uncontrollably into the ditch near the ghat. It is feared that there are a lot of turnings in the ghat the truck must have gone out of control while turning. The car fell so fast that the front part of it got separated.

People came to know about this on Friday morning when people started travelling through this route. People say that the wheels of the truck were blown away. The bodies have also been badly damaged. Because of which it is very difficult to identify them. Police reached the spot on the information of nearby people and efforts are on to identify the dead bodies. According to the police, the vehicle is of Rajasthan number. The trailer was coming to Jashpur from the Jharkhand side after loading coal. The bodies have been sent for postmortem.

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