2 More Cheetahs Released into the Wild in KNP

BHOPAL: Two brothers from Namibia Elton and Freddie were released into the wild in KNP on Wednesday successfully said, officials. This marks the second successful ‘wilding’ of the cheetahs brought from South Africa under the intercontinental translocation Cheetah Project by PM Modi.

Earlier on March 11, Oban and Asha who were mating were the first to be released in the wild from their bommas. According to forest officers, both are doing good and exploring the region. Sources have also added that Asha is moving in the non territorial regions.

The movements of the cheetahs are being constantly monitored through the collar band added the official. The band helps them track the cheetahs and if any gets into an undesirable environment, designated officials will bring them back.

PM Modi on September 17 last year released released eight cheetahs brought from Namibia, five females and three males as an effort to revive the extinct species in the country. They were first moved to acclimatization enclosures from quarantine bomas’ in November. and later into released hunting enclosures.

Another 12 cheetahs – seven males and five females – were brought to KNP from South Africa on February 18 this year. Thus, a total of 20 cheetahs have reached KNP.

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