2-Years-Old Child Found With 5 Dead Bodies

Story Highlights
  • Five members found dead at their home.
  • Speculated to have committed suicide by hanging themselves.
  • Sources claim a 9-month baby died from starvation.

Bengaluru: Five members of a family, including a 9-month-old newborn, were found dead at their home in Bengaluru’s Byadarahalli district. Four of the five members were found hanging, while a 9-month-old boy was found dead on a bed, presumably from malnutrition. The cops rescued a 2-year old child boy who had spent five days in the residence with the five dead bodies. The bodies were discovered at the family’s residence in Thigalarapalya on Friday night. “Going by the heavily decomposed state, we suspect they may have killed themselves at least three to four days ago, but are waiting for the postmortem report,” said the police.

When the children’s grandfather, Shankar, returned home from work on Friday evening and was unable to enter the house as the doors and the windows were sealed, the incident was discovered. He alerted Byadarahalli Police, who came to the family’s two-story home and forced open the door.

According to a preliminary investigation, all four adults allegedly committed suicide by hanging themselves in separate rooms.

They found four bodies, one in each room: Shankar’s wife Bharathi who was 51 years old, Sinchana, the mother of the girl who survived was 34 years old; Sindhurani, the mother of the baby boy was 31 years old, Madhusagar, Shankar’s boy, was 25 years old and a nine-month-old baby boy – Sindhurani’s son. The police have yet to confirm whether the baby died from starvation.

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