21 Warplanes, 5 Naval Ships From China Tracked Around Taiwan: Report

Story Highlights
  • Taiwan Defence Ministry detects 21 warplanes and 5 naval ships from China around its country.
  • CAPs, navy and air defence systems on alert.
  • The PLAs ETC unit is engaged in the special military drills in the Taiwan Strait.

Taipei: Taiwan Defence Ministry has tracked 21 warplanes and five naval ships from China around its borders with eight jets that crossed the Taiwan Strait median line.

TheMinistry in a press briefing said it had tracked 17 aircraft and five ships from China’s military around the country by 5 pm on Friday.

The planes were four Xi’an JH-7 fighter-bombers, two Sukhoi Su-30 fighters, and two Shenyang J-11 jets, it said adding that the JH-7 and the Su-30 median line at its northern end, while the two J-11 fighters did so at the southern end.

Combat Air Patrols (CAP), Navy ships, and air defence missile systems have been ordered to monitor and respond to Chinese activities, it further added.

On Thursday, the Defence reported that 51 Chinese warplanes and six warships breached its air defence identification zone (ADIZ) including 25 Chinese fighters bombers that flew east of self-governed island’s median line.

The PLA’s Eastern Theater Command (ETC), the unit responsible for the region that includes the Taiwan Strait, has held navy and air force drills around Taiwan as a show of force following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei earlier this month.

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