282 Polling Booths In Indore Vulnerable

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  • Process of submitting nomination papers in the three-tier panchayat elections has started.
  • Collector Ratnakar Jha made preparations for the Panchayat elections.
  • Election office is also contemplating touse webcasting.

Indore: Ahead of three-tier Panchayat polls, local election office has identified 282 ‘critical’ and ‘vulnerable’ polling booths in Janpad Panchayats of Indore. As per the records, Indore Janpad has 90 ‘critical’ and ‘vulnerable’ polling booths, followed by 72 in Dr Ambedkar Nagar (Mhow), 61 in Depalpur and 59 ‘sensitive’voting stations in Sanwer Janpad Panchayat.

‘Critical’ polling booths have been defined asvoting stations, which in the last assemblyand general polls, had witnessed non-practice of electors, violence, voters notbeing issued EPICs or booths with largenumbers of ‘missing’ voters.

Besides, polling booths which had witnessed over 90 percent voting of which 75 percent was recorded in favour of one candidate, have been put in ‘critical’ category.Officials said that the number of such stations might change once the observers review the ‘sensitive’ booths.

The election office is also contemplating touse webcasting, CCTVs and carry out videography at these polling booths. Besides, persons with criminal records, who could create nuisance or affect the polls inany manner, are likely to face preventive actions or made to sign bonds.

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