BJP Stages Massive Protest Over LSD in Jaipur

Story Highlights
  • Massive BJP protests in Jaipur.
  • The protests stemmed from the deaths of over 50,000 cattle due to lumpy skin disease.
  • The protestors demanded the state govt addressed the issue at the earliest.

Jaipur: The BJP on Tuesday held massive protests in Jaipur over the death of thousands of cattle in Rajasthan due to Lumpy skin disease. As per reports, around 57,000 cattle have been killed and 11 lakh are affected by this skin disease.

BJP workers clashed with the police who set barricades as they moved toward the assembly. Earlier, in an unusual incident on Monday, Pushkar BJP MLA Suresh Rawat reached the Rajasthan Assembly along with a cow. The act was carried out with the aim to protest against the spread of Lumpy disease in livestock.

On September 19, Rajasthan Chief Minister took note of the issue and said that the address of the lumpy disease is the state government’s priority however the vaccines for the same would be given by the Centre.

“I called a meeting on August 15 regarding lumpy skin disease and called the leaders of the opposition, talked to everyone, talked to the religious leaders, our priority is how to save the lives of cows from lumpy skin disease, but the central government will give the vaccines and medicines,” tweeted CM Gehlot.

Lumpy skin disease- a viral disease that affects cattle and is transmitted by blood-feeding insects. Fever and nodules on the skin are symptoms that worsen over time leading to the death of the cattle. The disease had been ravaging cattle across the country with cows from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab dying in large numbers.

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