3 Accused Held In Rape Case Of Minor In Raipur

Story Highlights
  • A 14-year-old girl from Kharora area of Raipur was gang-raped.
  • The police has arrested 3 accused.
  • The family of the girl is not ready to accept her.

Raipur: A 14-year-old girl from the Kharora area of ​​Raipur was gang-raped. After this, the girl ran away from the city in fear. When the railway police saw her on the train, the officer inquired and then the matter got opened. The police Monday arrested 3 accused aged 19, 21 and 26. All the 3 miscreants are from Kharora, Raipur. According to the information, the incident is on August 15th. The victim was a friend of 26-year-old Rahul Sen, who lived near her house. On August 15th, Rahul called the girl to a garden in Kharora to meet her. Kunal Sen, 21, and Sunil Dhiwar, 19, were already present here.  Taking the opportunity, the 3 accused raped her.

The 3 accused also assaulted and threatened her that if she tells anyone about this, they would kill her and her family members. Frightened by this, the girl did not inform anyone about the incident and ran away, she somehow caught a train for Hyderabad. Seeing the girl alone on the train, the RPF inquired and the girl was informed about the incident. Also told that she thought that going to another city and working as a labourer, she would spend her life ahead. 

After this, the police sent the girl safely to Raipur and told the whole thing to Kharora police. After this, the police started searching for the accused.  When the incident came to light, the family left the girl, the 14-year-old girl, who was a victim of gang rape, is no longer supported by her family members. At present, the girl is staying in a shelter home in Raipur. Police and some social organizations are trying to get the girl started a new life by counselling the family members.

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