3 Cases of Chinese Omicron BF.7 Variant Detected in India

Story Highlights
  • Global surge of covid cases remain high
  • A Covid review meeting was held today to control its spread in the country
  • Omicron BF.7 variant cases detected in India

New Delhi: In many countries around the world, including China, amidst the rising hue and cry of Corona once again, a worrying news has come to the fore in India as well. Actually, Omicron’s subvariant BF.7 is being held responsible once again for the deteriorating condition of Corona in China. At the same time, now three cases of Omicron’s subvariant BF.7 have also been found in India. After which the Central Government and the Ministry of Health have become alert. 

According to information, the first case of BF.7 in India was detected in October by the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center. So far two cases have been reported from Gujarat while one case has been reported from Odisha. In view of increasing corona cases in the world, a Covid review meeting was also held today under the chairmanship of Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya. During the meeting, the experts said that though there is no major increase in the number of COVID cases so far, there is a need for continuous surveillance to keep track of existing and emerging sub-variants.

Significantly, cases of Omicron’s sub-variant BF.7 are currently increasing rapidly in many cities in China. Most of its cases are coming up in Beijing. The high transmissibility of BF.7 in China may also be attributed to the low level of immunity in the Chinese population from the previous infection. Cases of this sub-variant have already been detected in several other countries, including the US, UK, and European countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, and Denmark.

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