3 Dead and 1 Injured in a Car-Truck Collision in MPs Morena

MORENA: 3 were killed in a truck and car collision on MS Road in Jaura town,Morena said police officials. As per preliminary investigation, it is said that the car got stuck in the truck and was dragged for 20-25 meters.

The incident took place on Thursday morning at around 5 am. Passerby’s immediately informed the near by police post. A team of emeregency services was deployed to rescue the stranded passengers. The truck driver however eloped. A look out has been initiated for the absconding driver, the police said.

Those deceased were a siblings- two brothers who died on the spot and a sister who succmbed to the injuries at Jaura Hospital. A teenager identified as Pransu is hospitalized in Gwalior.

The reason of the accident is yet to be ascertained. The families of the deceased identified as Govind Sharma 24 years old, brother Rishabh-aged 17years and sister have been informed. The bodies will be handed over to the family after postmortem examination added officials involved in the investigation.

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