3 Green Corridors in Bhopal; Organ Donation to Benefit 5

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh: For the first time in MP’s capital Bhopal, three green corridors were made simultaneously on Sunday. This will give new life to 5 people. This Green Corridor was built from Siddhanta Hospital in the city to Chirayu Hospital, Raja Bhoj Airport, and Indore. From which the organs of 23-year-old Anmol were transported. 

Anmol Jain, 23, lived in Nehru Nagar. His family is originally from Sohagpur. He did MBA in HR after doing B.Com. On November 17, Anmol’s bike crashed into the divider, causing a serious head injury. Surgery was also done due to blood clotting in the head, but later he stopped responding. After which the doctor declared him brain dead. On being brain dead, the relatives of Anmol decided to give new life to some people through him. Anmol’s heart was sent to Ahmedabad, his liver to Indore, and one kidney to Chirayu Hospital. His cornea was sent to Hamidia Hospital.

Anmol’s brother Gaurav Jain told that this decision was extremely difficult for the family members, but they knew that they were doing the right thing. The family was aware that organ donation could be done in such cases. The family agreed after discussing it with the doctors of the hospital. The young man’s organs were then donated to patients who were in dire need of them. After the necessary approvals, the transplant team was immediately activated. The information was forwarded to the Zonal Transplant Coordination Center.

After the consent of the relatives, the process of organ donation was completed by contacting the Organ Transplant Committee. After this, between 9.30 am and 11 am, three green corridors were made and the ambulance was sent to the airport, Indore and Chirayu Hospital. This is Bhopal’s 13th organ donation and the state’s 57th. 

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