3 Injured During Clashes over Land Dispute in Rajgarh

Story Highlights
  • Three injured, incuding a police personnel.
  • Security heightened in Kardi village on Thursday.
  • Clashes erupted in Karedi village over land dispute.

Rajgarh: Atleast three were injured during a stone pelting incident that evovled into clashes over land dispute in Madhya Pradesh’s Karedi Village, Rajgarh district. A policeman was one of the injured amongst the three. Former sarpanch Mohan Verma and his brother Hukum Verma were the other two injured.

The long standing dispute between families of former sarpanch Mohan Verma, Hukum Verma and Allah Veli of the village is cited as the reason for the clash.

On reciveing information about the clashes, police rushed to the spot where vandalism had erupted until arrived.

As per the preliminary information given by DSP Pradeep Sharma, a Maruti van and five motorbikes were consigned to the flames. Miscreants pelted stones and shattered the glass of a police vehicle and the Khilchipur SDM’s car, officials added.

Police fired tear gas shells to disperse the mob and called for back-up. In the wake of the violence, heavy police deployment was seen in Karedi on Thursday.

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