30 Lakh Bicycles Burnt Due To Short Circuit In Warehouse

Story Highlights
  • Massive fire broke out in the godown of cycle shop in Balodazar.
  • The 70 year old cycle shop belonged to Jugal Kishore Bhattar.
  • A bicycle of about 10 lakh rupees kept by small children has also been burnt to ashes.

Balodabazar: A massive fire broke out in the godown of the cycle shop of the District President of Chamber of Commerce in Balodazar, Chhattisgarh late on Thursday night.  As the flames of the outbreak were scatterd locals made through to control the spread until the fire fighters arrived. 2 fire tenders arrived after about half an hour and brought the fire under control after a struggle of two and a half hours. Cycles and goods worth about 30 lakh rupees have been gutted in the fire.

Jugal Kishore Bhattar, a resident of Balodabazar and a District President of the Chamber of Commerce, has a shop and 3 warehouses named Raman Cycle Store at Mahatma Gandhi Marg behind Ram Mandir. It is being told that the shop is about 70 years old. Jugal reportedly closed the shop at around 8.30-9pm as usual and went home. Meanwhile, around 10 pm, smoke was seen coming out of the shop. Being in a residential area, there was a stir.

A bicycle worth 10 lakh rupees has been damaged. It is suspected that the fire started due to a short circuit. Due to plastic packaging and plastic cycles, it spread rapidly, which reached the warehouse. It was fortunate that people saw it in time. Otherwise, being a residential area, there could have been a major accident. At present, the assessment of the remaining damage is being done.

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