36 Hour Long Curfew in Kyiv as Russian Forces Advance

Story Highlights
  • Kyiv Mayor announces 36-hour long curfew.
  • Shelling intensify as Russian saboteurs advance towards capital.
  • Air attack warning issued in Chernihiv region.

Ukraine: Kyiv Mayor late on Thursday afternoon announced a 36-hour curfew as the talks between the two leaders continue. Only those will be allowed to move who are seeking shelter, he said adding that the curfew will remain until March 17. Taking to Twitter he also urged men to return to the city and fight Russian troops.

Meanwhile, Chernihiv issued a countrywide air attack warning on Tuesday, urging citizens to head to shelters. “ Attention. Air raid ALL UKRAINE! Take Shelter- the notice read. According to local sources, Kherson is completed capsized by the Russian Armed forces.

It is expected that showing solidarity with Zelensky, leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia would visit Ukraine’s capital on a European Union Mission.  The Russian defence dept claims Dnipro airport suffered massive destruction as Russian attacks escalated. According to data accumulated,19 died and 9 were injured during airstrikes on a TV tower in Rivne in Ukraine on March 14th.  As per the office of the Ukrainian general prosecutor, as many as 90 kids have been killed and more than 100 have been injured since the war began on February 24th.

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