4 Indians Dies Of Freezing At US-Canada Order

Story Highlights
  • A family of 4 Indians has died from exposure to extreme cold weather in US- Canada border.
  • They are thought to have been attempting to cross into the US.
  • Post-mortem of the 4 deaths is likely to be carried out on January 24th.

Toronto: With a family of 4 Indians, including an infant, found dead near the US-Canada border, government sources here said Indian missions are in touch with Canadian authorities for ascertaining the details of the tragedy and the post-mortem of the victims is likely to be carried out on January 24th. The sources said that on January 19th US authorities in Minnesota State, near the US-Canada border, came across a group of people who were apparently without proper documentation.

Based on information obtained from them, Canadian authorities launched a search and found 4 bodies in Manitoba province on the Canadian side of the border, they said. These 4 people a man, a woman, a teenage boy and an infant appeared to have died due to cold, the sources said. The people without proper documentation on the US side, as well as the dead people on the Canadian side, appear to be Indian nationals, they said.

“US authorities have detained seven people without proper documentation, as well as one US citizen, for allegedly being involved in human smuggling activity from Canada to the US. One of them is still hospitalized due to cold-related injuries. Earlier one more person had been hospitalized,” a source said. The Consulate General of India in Toronto immediately sent a consular team to Manitoba, which is now liaising with local authorities to render any consular help regarding the 4 dead people, the sources said. The Consulate General as well as the High Commission in Ottawa is also in touch with Canadian provincial and federal authorities for ascertaining details of this tragedy, they said.

On the US side, the Consulate General of India in Chicago has urgently sent a consular team to Minneapolis, which is now coordinating and rendering consular assistance. They have sought consular access to the detained persons, the sources said. The Consulate and the Embassy in Washington D.C. are also in touch with the US Department of Justice, and the US Customs and Border Police. Indian missions and posts will continue to extend all assistance, the sources said.

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