4 Injured while Destroying Expired Bombs at Jabalpur COD

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh: Four personnel were partially injured in the explosion at the Central Ordnance Depot on Friday morning. The Management team of the factory who are responsible for the matter kept refraining from saying anything related to the explosion. According to the information received from the employees’ organizations, the process of destroying the bombs kept in the Central Ordnance Depot after their expiry is adopted from time to time. 

And following this routine on Friday morning, a squad of COD’s technical staff gathered in the Ammunition Technical Area of ‚Äčthe factory to dispose off the expired bombs. During this, preparations were on to dispose about three thousand bombs. At the very beginning, some bombs (detonators) were inserted into the furnace, and some of them exploded. 

Due to this, the workers present at a short distance from the furnace were partially injured. In this regard, information is being given by the employees’ organizations, but the responsible persons of COD were not ready to talk. COD Administrative Officer Soumendra Rai was contacted several times on his mobile to discuss this, but he did not pick up the phone. Further investigations are on about how these bombs exploded.

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