4 Killed In Karachi’s Police Compound

Karachi: Unidentified armed terrorists rocked the police chief’s office in Pakistan’s most populous city. Heavy firing between paramilitary rangers, police, and attackers are currently underway as at least four terrorists were neutralized. The gun battle raging for hours as security forces went floor-to-floor through an office building in pursuit of assailants.

Sources reveal that the number of terrorists involved are not known. The terrorists threw half a doen hand grenades into the main compound of the Karachi Police Chief’s office building and then entered the premises.

The Pakistan Taliban had stormed the compound, home to dozens of administrative and residential buildings as well as hundreds of officers and their families. The Karachi Police Chief’s office is located near the main artery road of Karachi and goes from downtown to the airport.

Since November, Pakistan has witnessed a surge in militant attacks. Condemning the attack, the State Department (United States) spokesperson Ned Price said the United States stands firmly with the Pakistani people and violence is not an answer.

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