46th G7 summit postponed due to coronavirus outbreak, Trump wants India to join G7 summit

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  • Donald Trump said G7 is a 'very outdated group of countries' in its current format
  • Trump has plans to invite Russia, South Korea, Australia and India into the Group of Seven countries

Washington: The President of United States Donald Trump has decided to ban the G7 summit which he was expected to hold in the month of June. He has decided to expand the list of countries along with the included nations. Trump had cancelled the summit that was to occur in the month of March due to the rise of coronavirus.

The G7 summit took the dramatic turn of events. The President was to host the summit in Washington as a demonstration of the improved situation that would ensure that the lives are returning back to normal in the USA. Currently, there are 6160429 cases of coronavirus in the world out of which the USA stands out with 1816820 total cases. 

The President has not proposed any specific date for the summit. However, he hinted that the summit may occur in the month of September around the time of the annual meeting of the United Nations in New York. He also suggested that the summit may occur after November.

The White House Spokeswoman, Alyssa Farah said Trump has decided to bring and discuss China with the members. Previously, Trump has blamed China for bringing and spreading coronavirus in the world and called it the ‘China Virus’ that ignited China over the USA. 

Trump mentioned that the current format of the G7 summit “is very outdated” and he has decided to add up some countries that would act as representatives. The added countries would be India, Australia, Russia and South Korea. 

Till now, the members of the summit include the US, Italy, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Britain and European Union

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