5 New Containment Zones Declared in Raipur; Schools to Shut Down

Story Highlights
  • COVID-19 positivity rate greater than 1 in Raipur
  • 5 areas of the fort, namely Raman Mandir Ward, Kukrabeda, Khamtrai, Amanaka, Basant Vihar labelled as containment zones
  • State health bulletin reports 1918 active cases and 3 deaths on Tuesday

Raipur: As per the health bulletin released on Monday, a rise in the COVID-19 curve was witnessed that alerted the authorities of the fort. 

The authorities have created 5 new containment zones on Monday namely in Raman Mandir Ward, Kukrabeda, Khamtrai, Amanaka, Basant Vihar area. Abiding by the guidelines set by the state authorities, all schools in the above-said area will have to be shut down after operating for a day.

 As per the new guidelines issued, if one house in an area reports more than two cases, this would transform the locality into a containment zone. Residents have been cordoned off to their houses and are permitted to move only on grounds of a medical emergency. 

The State health bulletin on Tuesday reported 236 new infections, including 17 from Raipur. Nearly 1918 active cases and 3 deaths have been observed in a single day.  Officials from the health department  on Sunday, alerted Raipur and Durg after the districts recorded 150 cases which accounted for a positivity rate higher than 1. 

So far, 98,70,12 individuals have recuperated in the state. Nearly, 96, 76,922 beneficiaries have been administered the first dose and 23,77,418  individuals received the second dose. This took the overall immunizations of the state to 1,20,54,340.

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