6 lakh people under Lockdown Vigilance in China’s Zhengzhou

Beijing, China: On an exemplary order by the Chinese authorities, almost 6 lakh people have been mandated to live under lockdown so that they cannot move out of the country. The incident occurred around one of China’s busiest economic hubs and the world’s largest iPhone factories in the Zhengzhou airport economic zone area. It mainly occurred in the Taiwanese tech giant company Foxconn’s plant which makes products for Apple. The Chinese government has prevented people from leaving their residences unless there is an emergency or a necessity to do a covid test. 

This order has come in accordance with the sudden covid outbreak in the area and to prevent its spread around the country and the world furthermore. It was reported earlier that many workers and other people were trying to flee the country amid the coronavirus outbreak which could have resulted in another pandemic wave as it occurred before, given that any corona positive people left the zone. This lockdown is imposed for 7 days starting from Nov 2 and it may increase depending upon the condition of the virus outbreak in the area. 

Foxconn has deployed hundreds and thousands of officials in the Zhengzhou plant and the covid virus can spread like wildfire unless strict actions are taken! To curb the spread of the virus the “static lockdown” has been imposed on the entire district which comprises around 2 lakh people. No person is allowed to leave his or her residence during the lockdown and vehicles with only emergency services and delivering essentials are allowed on the streets. 

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