6800 Afghan Evacuees Landed in the US in Last 24 Hours

Story Highlights
  • Biden administration high on the evacuation process
  • Total 1,11,900 people rescued by US troops since Aug 14
  • Afghans continue to suffer during the crisis

The US, being one of the world’s largest power forces, also started the evacuation operation. It is reported by the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin III that a total of 6800 Afghan evacuees have landed on the soil of America in the past 24 hours taking the total toll of evacuees by the US army to 1,11,900. Since the Taliban captured Kabul on Aug 15, several countries have been making attempts to evacuate civilians and nationals from the Afghan province through air operations.

“Yesterday, August 27th, another 6,800 people were evacuated from Hamid Karzai International Airport, bringing the total to 1,11,900 since the operation began and August 14th”, he tweeted.  It is indeed an applaudable movement by US officials to help people come out of the country safely.

India, on the other hand, has also taken steps to evacuate Afghan nationals and Indian citizens from the Taliban captured Afghan province since Aug 15. The minister of external affairs, Arindam Bagchi on Friday said that India has successfully evacuated 550 people from Afghanistan amongst which there are 260 Indians.

“We have evacuated over 550 people in 6 separate flights, either from Kabul or Dushanbe. Of these, over 260 were Indians. GoI also facilitated the evacuation of Indian nationals through other agencies. We were in touch with various countries, like the US, Tajikistan,” Bagchi said.

While several afghan evacuees have found solace in moving to different countries, the ones who stayed back seem to be suffering a lot now and will continue to suffer in the future. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that Afghanistan may soon run out of medical supplies to treat millions of its people, whereas the banks remain shut down due to which the Afghans are facing major financial issues. Biden has assured he will evacuate all the needy people from the Taliban-occupied Afghanistan by Aug 31 and it seems he is living up to his words.

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