7 Tourists Stranded Mid-Air After Technical Glitch Hits Cable Cars

Story Highlights
  • Another cable car trolly deployed to rescue them
  • The technical team of the Timber Trail operator is deployed and police team are monitoring the situation
  • The cable car developed a technical glitch

Parwanoo: Seven tourists got stranded mid-air at Timber Trail Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh as their cable car developed a technical glitch. Another cable car has been deployed for their rescue and the police are monitoring the operation.

A similar scene was seen on October 13th, 1992, when the haulage cable broke near the docking station and the cable car carrying 11 passengers slid backwards. In panic, the operator had jumped off the car just as it began its slide and died after his head had hit a rock.

In April this year, three people had died after tourists were stuck in cable cars in Jharkhand’s Deoghar district for more than 40 hours following a technical snag. Altogether, 50 people had been rescued from the cable cars after a malfunction on the 770-m ropeway to the Trikut Hills, a popular tourist spot.

Tourists stuck shared videos of the incident with their family members. Two of the tourists have been rescued by hanging a rope, an official added. Legislator Dhani Ram Shandil told the media that the rescue operation is under way.

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