72 Knives Ordered Online Seized In Raipur

Story Highlights
  • 72 sharp and buttoned knives procured by ordering online.
  • Raipur police have advised e-commerce companies not to deliver foldable and button knifes across the district.
  • More than 2 dozen of stabbing incidents have taken place in last few months.

Raipur: The police are getting the brunt of the incidents of knife-wielding illegally. To put a stop to this, Raipur Police is investigating against those who order sharp and buttoned knives by ordering online. In the last three months, in the investigation of knives ordered online, it was found that 72 people have ordered knives. Those who have ordered knives online for the kitchen are called to the police station and after investigation; information is being taken in writing. At the same time, people who have asked for knives online for the hobby are being called and explained.

Meanwhile, action is being taken against them if they are found to be roaming illegally with a knife. On the other hand, those who have asked for knives for the kitchen, if they come to the police station and give information and deposit it in the police station, they are being praised. SSP Prashant Agarwal had instructed the police to monitor those who buy knives from online shopping sites. Raipur Police has started an investigation of the persons named in the online list.

On December 21st, 72 sharp and buttoned knives were deposited from different police station areas. Raipur Police has appealed to the people not to ask for weapons like knives and guppies online. Cooperate with Raipur Police by giving information regarding knife thugs. So that the incidents of knife pelting can be completely controlled. Raipur Police said that the police are always ready for the general public. During the dispute, people die due to knife-pelting incidents, so inform the police about the knives.  

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