8 Killed and Several Injured in Shooting at Perm University Campus

Story Highlights
  • An unidentified person opens fires in one of the buildings at Perm State University.
  • 8 dead and 6 injured in shooting.
  • Perpetrator identified as an 18 year old student Tim Bekmansurov.

Russia: Russian law enforcement neutralized an attacker who went on a rampage at Perm State University (PSU) in the Perm Krai area on Monday morning at 11 AM, killing eight individuals and harming six others, Russia’s investigating committee revealed.

Visuals flowing via online media showed panicked students leaping from college buildings, and escaping from the shooter. As per sources, initial investigations have indicated that the shooter was an 18-year-old student identified as Timur Bekmansurov, old who went shooting on campus at university. The security personnel’s barricaded the perpetrator in one of the university lecture halls after much of a tussle. A source reveals the suspect had previously made posts on a social media page stating his intentions. Writing an explanation of the reasons for his actions and said that he had long dreamt of arranging a shooting and had been saving money for weapons from 10th grade.

 As per the reports by the local media house, the person had a “traumatic non-lethal” weapon. The security and law enforcement authorities arrived at the campus of universities soon after the first shooting was heard and captivated the perpetrator. Initially, at least 4 people were reported injured in the incident.  Some students in the building were locked in the auditorium and many jumped out of the windows, an eyewitness stated.

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