A Detailed View of the CG Anti-Naxal Policy

RAIPUR: The Bhupesh Baghel cabinet in a breakthrough decision on Friday approved the anti-Naxal policy. In a bid to cut down naxalism in the state, the administration has announced a selective reward in the form of financial assistance to those naxals who surrender.

An aid of Rs 5 lakh has been outlaid for surrendered Naxals carrying a reward of above Rs 5 lakh or more. As per the policy, Naxalites will get immediate assistance of Rs 25,000 at the time of surrender.

An active Naxalite with a reward of Rs 5 lakh or more on his or head will be given an additional Rs 10 lakh on surrender – this money will be in addition to the reward amount declared on them and the compensation payable for handing over their weapon.

This additional amount of Rs 10 lakh will be kept in a fixed deposit in a bank and the interest earned on it will be given to the surrendered Naxalite. The entire amount will be handed over the surrendered Naxalite after 3 years following a review of his/her conduct .

Furthermore naxalit who wish to buy agricultural land within 3 years of their surrender will get full rebate in stamp duty and registration fee for land up to 2 acres

Additional assistance of Rs 20 lakh has also been sidelined for families of police personnel killed in the encounters. The kin of the martyred police can buy an agriculture and also be exempted from stamp duty and registration fee on the purchase of 2 acres within 3 years of the cops death. Further government jobs to the kin of the civilian victims killed during naxal attacks have been announced in the anti-naxal policy to be tabled in the assembly. The policy the official added is expected to be rolled out in two months.

CG has a Naxal surrender and rehabilitation policy and provisions for compensation in case of Naxal violence. This is the first time an extensively documented policy has been put forth by the state to cover the losses endured by civilians and the kin of security personnel.

The cabinet has also doubled the compensation given in cases of murder or death, injury, and damage to property, and livelihood caused by Naxals.

The policy will remain effecetive 5 years since the date of implementation.

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