A Year After Flash Floods, Uttarakhand’s Raini Village is Slowly Sinking

Story Highlights
  • Raini village in Uttarakhand sinking.
  • The village is said to have been unstabilized by the 2021 flash floods in the Chamoli district.
  • A massive glacier burst occurred in Chamoli district in 2021, that killed nearly 200 people.

Uttarakhand: A year after the massive glacier burst in Chamoli district triggered a massive avalanche and flash flood damaging a dam and villages in its vicinity, residents of Uttarakhand’s Raini village claim the village is unstable and is sinking slowly.

Overlooking the Nanda Devi range, the village stands just above the ruins of the Rishi Ganga Hydro Power Project, which vanished just minutes after the barrage broke. According to a team of experts, the slopes rendered unstable by the 2021 floods have made the village unfit for living and had flagged the village ‘vulnerable and required adequate slope stabilization.” The residents still await rehabilitation at the behest of the state govt after the weakened slopes showed signs of trouble in October 2021.

A 40-year recalling the Himalayan deluge where he lost his mother and mother-in-law minutes after they left home. Residents name 7th February as the Dark day where 200 people lost their lives and so did 200 families live a reason to live.

According to a professor who studied the 2021 flash floods state the disaster was caused by a temporary lake that was formed following an avalanche.

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