Aaftab Confesses Killing Shraddha in Saket Court Today

New Delhi: The ongoing Shraddha Walker murder case has made some shocking revelations so far. From cutting her body parts into 35 pieces to consuming drugs, accused Aaftab has confessed it all. Now, in front of the court, he has agreed to have killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walker in the “heat of the moment” but he is not convinced by whatever is being said about him regarding the case. 

Aaftab also said that he is cooperating with the Delhi police in the investigation and is also guiding them to the body parts he has thrown in the forest. The police have demanded his further custody which was set to end today. His lawyer Avinash said, “Aaftab told the court he is cooperating with the police, and the police are also treating him well. He said he is not misleading them or lying to them. The police also didn’t contest his claim in court.”

The Saket court has granted permission for his police remand extension and his stay is increased to four more days to help the police in further investigations. Like before, today also he was produced before the court via video conferencing as the police feared attacks on him if he was taken to the court physically. 

Even if Aaftab admitted to his crime and confessed to killing Shraddha in the “heat of the moment”, he said that whatever is being said about him is “not entirely true” and that he is cooperating with the police as much as he can. He also said that he is not able to recall every detail but whatever information he remembers, he will try to give it to the police about where he dumped the body parts of his live-in girlfriend, Shraddha Walker. A Narco and Polygraphic test will also be conducted on the 28-year-old murder accused. 

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