Aaftab to Undergo Narco Test Tomorrow: Sources

DELHI: Shraddha murder accused Aaftab Poonawala will undergo a polygraph test tomorrow an official from the forensic department said mentioning that Aaftab was undergoing pre-med sessions and scientific sessions for the test. The source also added that it is uncertain if the test would be completed tomorrow.

A polygraph test or lie detector test is based on the assumption that physiological responses such as blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration of a human subject that is triggered when a person is lying are different. The test at times also records the perspiration of a person and arm as well as leg movement.

On Thursday, the court ordered Rohini FSL to conduct a narco test on Aaftab POonawla within five days.

Earlier today at Saket court he mentioned that his action took place in the heat of the moment. And also mentioned that at the moment he could not recall details of the incident.

Aaftab Poonawala 27 years is accused of brutally murdering his live-in partner Shraddha and dismembering her body into 35 pieces and dumping it across Delhi city. Ever since his crime surfaced Aaftab confessed and cooperated with the police forces to gather pieces of evidence of the gruesome murder he committed.

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