Aaftab Watched Hundred Hours of Depp-Amber Trial After Murdering Shraddha

NEW DELHI: The latest investigation into Shraddha Walker’s murder revealed that Aaftab watched over 100 hours of the much publicized Jhonny Depp- Amber Heard defamation trail. A probe that sieved the internet search history of the accused indicated that Aaftab after murdering Shraddha watched the trials closely to understand terms of the case ranging from domestic violence to kind of attacks the couple had on each other.

Police suspect, Aaftab read extensively and followed the case in order to misguide inevtaigating officers and a make a way out during the interrogation.

On Saturday, the Tihar jail authorities on demand of English novels by Aaftab, provided him the novel ‘The Great Railway Bazaar’. Interestingly, Delhi Police provided Aftab with the book ‘The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia’, a travelogue by American novelist Paul Theroux. The jail authorities gave him the book as it is not based on crime and does not have content that could make him harm others or himself, the sources said.

The latest revealtion in terms of the act disclosed the use of a chinese knife to dismember Shradda’s body after strangulating her to death. During the narco test officials stated that Aaftab confessed to have used the cleaver to chop her hands first and then threw the sevaered head in the Mehrauli forest.

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