Aaftab’s Last GF had no Clue about Body parts in Fridge

Delhi: The heinous act of cutting live-in partner Shraddha’s body parts into pieces and keeping them in the fridge by Aaftab Poonawala has shocked the world. But his last girlfriend claims that she did not have any idea about such a thing when she visited his flat two times in the month of October. As per the latest reports, the Delhi Police could track down Aaftab’s last girlfriend who he dated after killing Shraddha. 

The body parts of Shraddha were already kept in the fridge when she visited his flat twice in October. She is a Psychiatrist by profession but she also said that Aaftab looked normal during her visits to the flat and he was even very caring and loving towards her without showing any such abnormalities. As per the Delhi Police, Aftab dated as many as 15-20 girls through a dating app. And his last GF was also one of them. 

The police also recovered a ring from the girl which Aaftab gifted to her. Police say that the ring belongs to Shraddha. According to claims by the psychiatrist girl, Aaftab had many collections of deodorants in his house which he also gifted to her. She further claimed that the accused was very fond of non-veg food and he used to order food from fancy restaurants often. 

It has now been reported that the girl herself is undergoing counseling now as she is in utter shock after getting to know about the murder incident. Notably, Aaftab has been sent to judicial custody by Saket court. His Polygraph test has been done by Delhi Police. The police van carrying Aaftab after the test was attacked with swords yesterday by some angry protestors. He is now in Tihar jail as part of his judicial custody. 

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