Aamir Khan Landed Himself in a Soup; after He Was Spotted Playing Cricket Sans Mask

Mumbai: In a rare sight, Amir Khan was spotted playing cricket with kids in Aram Nagar, Mumbai. Taking the bat in his hands, he was seen hitting fours and sixes on the ground. He looked fit and energetic while playing with the kids.

However, Aamir’s casual outing bothered many people who trolled the actor for not wearing a mask on the field. In a video shared by a paparazzi account on Instagram, Khan was seen hitting fours and sixes as he played cricket with some kids. Another Instagram user wrote, “Amir Khan ko mask ki zaroorat nahi he ab, lagte hai vaccine le li he bade bhaii ne..”.

Khan was called out by television actor and former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Kishwer Merchant for flouting COVID-19 norms and not wearing a mask. Reacting to the video, Kishwer commented, “None of them wearing a mask? How? Why?”

Meanwhile, Khan’s fans defended his actions by stating, “People need to breathe while playing a sport …isn’t that common sense.” “If they wear a mask while playing, they are going to suffer from shortness of breath. And anyways while playing they are quite far away from each other,” another fan commented.

“Wearing a mask while playing or running or doing a vigorous activity is not advisable because it cuts the oxygen flow”, said one of his fans defending his action.

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