Two Heart Operations at Once: The Holy Grail of Surgery

Story Highlights
  • 50 year old patient underwent Coronary Bypass and Valve transplant at once.
  • A major achievement for the ACI of the hospital
  • HOD, Dr Krishnakanth Sahu performed the maverick surgeries.

Raipur: In the latest development at the Ambedkar Hospital Raipur, two heart surgeries were performed simultaneously. The Dept of Heart, Chest and Vascular Surgery of the Advanced Cardiac Institute (ACI) successfully performed Coronary Bypass and Valve transplants in a 50-year-old patient.

Reportedly, the patient had walked in the OPD of Cardiac Dept weeks ago, complaining of breathlessness, chest pain and heart palpitations. On investigations, the patient was diagnosed with narrowing in the mitral valve, leakage in the tricuspid valve and blockage of the coronary artery. The Chest X-ray revealed enlargement in the patient’s heart.

As per the information given by the hospital, the 6-hour long operation was led by the Head of the Department Dr Krishnakanth Sahu. At first, the coronary artery blockage was relieved by implanting a vein from the leg following which the mitral valve was replaced by a metal prosthetic and the tricuspid valve was repaired.

This has been the first time the Cardiac institute performed such kind of operation. The patient was discharged on Thursday after being kept under observation for 10 days. Dr Sahu, HOD interacting with the media explained the uniqueness of the case and the difficulties faced during the operation.

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