‘ACP Gautam’- Spotify’s New Cop

Story Highlights
  • Ronit Roy to play the Honest Cop in Spotify’s new podcast.
  • 'ACP Gautam' the new Spotify Original podcast, centres on a legendary cop.
  • The series is s crime drama set in the 90’s era of New Delhi

Actor Ronit Roy after playing the role of a cop in several films such as ‘Shootout at Wadala’, ‘Boss’, and ‘Ugly’ is now gearing up to essay the role of a cop in the Spotify-commissioned Original series titled ‘ACP Gautam’. The fictional audio thriller series is a part of Spotify’s new slate of releases and will add up to the 50 originals ventures by the audio streamer in India. 

Trying his hands out in podcast for the first time, the 55-year-old actor appeared excited to play the role of a determined cop as he takes the listeners on a thrilling and nerve-racking journey.

The actor opened up about the new experience and wished for his fans to enjoy the series as much as he did while narrating it and said that ”Performing a variety of roles in front of the camera comes naturally to me. However, taking a character as interesting as ACP Gautam to a podcast was a whole new experience. To emote through the mic, to convert expressions into some kind of sound or pause and conveying a variety of emotions just through voice and intonation- it’s all been good fun! I am eager for listeners to become a part of ACP’s Gautam life, just as I have.”

Set in New Delhi of the 90s, the crime drama will take the listeners on a journey of a gritty and determined cop who is intent on solving the toughest cases despite struggling with his own demons and tumultuous past. Each episode will solve mysterious murders, robberies, kidnapping, extortion cases, and terror investigations along with a few more intriguing characters.

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