Active COVID-19 Caseload in India Stands at 2.43% on the Second Day of 2021

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  • Currently, active COVID-19 caseload in India stands at 2,50,183, which is 2.43% of the total population
  • A total of 1,03,06,490 confirmed cases have been recorded by the tally organized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • The country has a praiseworthy recovery rate of 96.12%, highest in the world.

India, on the second day of the year, comes out with a case tally of 2,50,183 active cases, which keeps the active caseload at 2.43% of the total population. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare through its latest tally has recorded 1,03,06,490 confirmed cases, among which 99,05,624 people have recovered taking the recovery rate to 96.12%. The death toll in the country has mounted to 1,49,255. 

According to the record published by the MoHFW, 5 states in India have contributed the highest in the case surge, with an affected case rate of 62% among the overall caseload in the country. The states of Kerala (65,381 active cases), Maharashtra (54,045 active cases), Uttar Pradesh (14,260 active cases), West Bengal (11,985 active cases), and Chhattisgarh (11,985 active cases) have contributed the most to India’s overall infected population with their higher rise of cases. 

After the dry run of COVID-19 vaccination in the states of Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat on December 28 and 29, the same dry run is being conducted in all the states. Feedbacks say that except for the original vaccine all other procedures are being followed with utter orderliness.

Meanwhile, the DM of Central Delhi has stated – “77 vaccination centers have been identified in Central Delhi. We are following all guidelines laid down by the Government of India. we are even looking at transportation security of the vaccines”.

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