Adil Khan Finally Confirms His Wedding With Rakhi Sawant, Says ‘Had to Handle Few Things…’

“So here’s an announcement finally, I never said I am not married to you Rakhi. Just had to handle few things so had to be quiet, happy married life to us Rakhi (pappudi)- read an Instagram post by Adil Durrani who in the past few days has been denying the news of his marriage with Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi Sawant was recently seen crying inconsalably as her boyfriend Adil denied accepting the marriage. Adil shared a photo of his wedding with Sawant and clarified that he had to take care of some things which is why he did not openly come out with the wedding news.

Picture’s of the duo dressed in their wedding outfits and posing for the camera surfaced on the social media. One can also notice the garlands around their neck. Rakhi is seen donning a red-printed traditional outfit along with a sheer dupatta covering her head. Adil, on the other hand, wore a black shirt and blue ripped denim. Rakhi seems quite happy on seeing this post as she wrote, “Thanks Jaan. Lots of love”, with several emotions.

Interacting with the media reporters Rakhi Sawant had earlier indicated that things aren’t going well between her and her husband, Adil Durrani. Talking about the marriage, she said, “Yes, I got married to Adil in July last year after three months of knowing him. We had a nikah ceremony and a court marriage. Since he stopped me from disclosing it, I remained tightlipped for the past seven months. He felt that it would get difficult to find a suitor for his sister if people got to know about our marriage. According to him, ‘tum Rakhi Sawant ke saath judoge toh tumne badnaami li hai’.”

Reports also mention that Rakhi changed her name after the nikah and is now Rakhi Sawant Fatima. It is also speculated that the actress is pregnant, however the actress was not available for any comments.

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