Afghan Nationals Must Travel to India on E-Visa

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  • Afghan nationals to travel to India only on e-Visa.
  • President Joe Biden re-iterates US troop’s evacuation to conclude by August 31.
  • World Bank halts financial support to Afghanistan take over by Taliban.

All Afghan nationals can travel to India only on e-Visa, stated the Home Ministry this afternoon. Asserting the evacuation crises in the war-torn land, the centre issued the notice.

This decision comes in the backdrop of India’s new visa policy issued specifically for Afghan Nationals willing to arrive in India. The ‘e-Emergency X-Misc visa’ category visa was introduced by the govt the 17 August whose validity has been set for six months from the day of issue.

In another conversation US President Joe Biden, while addressing a press conference re-iterated that the US intends to pull out all its forces by August 31. “The sooner we finish the better”, Biden said. He warned that meeting the deadline would depend on Taliban cooperation regarding evacuee access to Kabul Airport. This decision by the White House came after Biden convened virtually with the leaders of the G7 bloc, the UN, NATO and the EU.

Earlier today, the World Bank Stalled its financial support to Afghanistan amid worries about the fate of women under Taliban rule reported a media room. In the recent past, IMF (International Monetary Fund) also suspended Afghanistan’s access to its resources. The suspension also stalled access to the $440 million in the new monetary reserves, due to a lack of clarity over the country’s governance after the Taliban took over the Presidential Palace.

The Taliban’s takeover continues following the collapse of the Afghan government. The country has witnessed huge evacuations headed by countries from across the globe.

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