Afghan Paralympians Arrived at Tokyo, to Compete; IPC

Story Highlights
  • International Paralympics Committee (IPC) announced the news on Saturday
  • Both Paralympians were evacuated from Afghanistan safely
  • They were warmly welcomed in the Tokyo paralympics village by fellow para-athletes

According to the latest statement from the International Paralympic Committee, it is confirmed that Afghan Paralympians have arrived in Tokyo safely. Though there were reports earlier that they would not compete in the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics game, it is now heard that both the para-athletes will take part in their respective games. It is in view of their security that this was a hush-hush affair till now. 

An official statement from the IPC says, “The Afghan athletes Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli were warmly welcomed to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Village”. They have been welcomed warmly by other Paralympians and the select authorities as well. Further information about their matches is not yet known. It was earlier said that they went through counseling to be prepared for the game due to the drastic condition back at their home country Afghanistan that was captured by the Taliban on Aug 15. 

The paralympic committee did not take down the participation of Afghanistan in the flag-bearing event during the opening ceremony of the game. They appointed a volunteer to perform the flag-bearing event to show solidarity towards the Afghan Paralympians. Now that both the athletes have arrived in Tokyo to compete, it would be interesting to see how they perform.

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