Afghan Woman Beaten Up By Taliban During Protest

Story Highlights
  • Women activist Nargis Saddat beaten up by Taliban during Kabul protest.
  • Activists wanted to protest in front of the Presidential Palace.
  • Taliban fired gunshots to disperse women protestors.

Kabul: An activist who participated in a protest for political rights under the Taliban in Kabul was seen with head wounds and bleeding from her face in a video.

Activist Nargis Saddat claimed that the Taliban beat her during a protest led by women’s rights activists on Saturday. A local newsroom reported that the Taliban prevented the protesters from continuing to the presidential palace and fired tear gas on them.

According to sources, women activists and protesters said they wanted to protest in front of the Presidential Palace (ARG), but members of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan did not allow it.

Video clips shared by journalists and others on social media, featured the Taliban using tear gas to disperse women’s protests because they failed to do so after gunshots. Eyewitnesses claim, the Taliban fired tear gas to disperse the women and asked the journalists to leave the scene too.

Saturday’s protest was the fourth protest by women in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over. The earlier protests took place in the western province of Herat and the Afghan capital.

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