Afghan Crisis: Firefight at Kabul Airport, 1 Afghan Force Killed, 3 Injured

Story Highlights
  • Firefight between US, German and Afghan forces continues in the Kabul airport
  • German and American forces remain uninjured
  • US President Biden promises to airlift troops by Aug 31

Kabul: The Afghan crisis does not seem to die down easily. The recent updates state that the Kabul airport is in unrest as both US and German forces are in a firefight with the Afghanistan forces. As per the latest report, 1 afghan force member has lost his life in the firefight while 3 others were injured during the same. All Bundeswehr members remain uninjured and no report of the identity of the attackers has come on record as of now.

The firefight attacks took place when almost 7 afghans lost their lives in a panic crash while trying to enter the Kabul airport. In the last few days, since the Taliban captured Afghanistan, the international media has seen thousands of afghans gathering at the Kabul airport to flee the country. Scary images of people cringing on the wing of aircraft have also gone viral. All these chaotic exoduses started occurring after Afghan president Ashraf Ghani flew out of the country on Aug 15 leaving behind his countrymen’s future dangling in danger under Taliban rule.

On the other hand, US president Joe Biden assures that he is hopeful of evacuating all the troops from Afghanistan by Aug 31. He said, “We’re executing a plan to move groups of these Americans to safety and to safely and effectively move them to the airport compound. For security reasons, I’m not going to go into detail … but I will say again today what I’ve said before: Any American who wants to get home will get home”. Meanwhile, India is also keen on airlifting the stranded Indian nationals on the Afghan province and has thus airlifted 392 people from the Kabul airport on Sunday.

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