African Swine Flu Effect in MP; Mercy killing of Infected Pigs

Katni, Madhya Pradesh: A team from the Veterinary Department of Katni, started the work of mercy killing of the pigs in the African Swine Flu infected zone from Wednesday evening under the supervision of experts of Jabalpur. After a discussion with the pig owners, the team of doctors first sedated the pigs and after that, the chemical was injected into their veins. They died in some time and were buried outside the city according to the guidelines with the help of the Municipal Corporation.

The team worked to kill five pigs in two wards on the first day. Along with this, the pigs have also been weighed to compensate the owners. The police force was also present during the Mercy killing operation. African swine flu was confirmed in pigs in wards 18 and 30 of the city, after which infected zones were created in both wards and survey work was done, in which 115 infected pigs were found. Apart from this, 97 dead pigs have also been found in the city.

Experts of Jabalpur Divisional Animal Research Lab, Dr. PK Solanki, and Dr. SK Vishwakarma were called for the Mercy Killing of the pigs. In the presence of Deputy Director-in-Charge Dr. RK Singh, the experts from Jabalpur first explained the process of killing a boar to the team of Katni Veterinary Department in Ward 30 and after that, the team did the work of killing three other pigs in Ward 30 itself. The team that reached Ward 18 late in the evening gave mercy death to a pig. From Thursday, the team of doctors from Katni will conduct Mercy Killing campaign in both wards and work will be done to kill the remaining 110 infected living pigs identified in the infected zone.

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