Aggressiveness towards Hacking: Indian Organizations under Chinese Cyber Attack

  • The hacking increased after India banned the Chinese applications
  • Two Indian companies supplying Covid-19 vaccine is under cyber attack
  • The Cyber expert, Rakshit Tandon confirmed the increment in hacking last year

To Crack Indian cyberspace, the Chinese hackers are trying hard. Even since last year, aggressive attempts of hacking have increased. The various government organizations like the CERT-IN and the NCIIPC are keeping track of the Chinese post-Galwan clash. It is also been reported that since the Indian government has banned Chinese applications, the attempts of hacking have also increased. The NCIIPC, a national nodal agency has documented the details about the Chinese hackers.

A recent report stated that the two Indian companies which are supplying the Covid-19 vaccinations are under cyber-attack. The two companies are- Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech. These two companies are under the cyber-attack of a hacking group Stone Panda. The organization CERT-IN is looking into the matter. The concerned agencies have been asked to keep the organizations updated with new threats. Instead of the individual, the Chinese hackers focus on big institutions. Various government organizations are working in a coordinated manner to know much more about the Chinese hackers. A cyber expert, Rakshit Tandon said, “There is no official confirmation that Chinese hackers have successfully hacked any system of India but there have been aggressive attempts in the last year. Whenever there is such a conflict, the Chinese increase their attempts. It was further amplified after India banned Chinese applications.” 

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