Air Safari In 2 National Parks Under Consideration

Story Highlights
  • Air Safari is soon going to begin at Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park.
  • CEO of private Aero Sports Manish Saini informed about the scheme CM Chouhan.
  • The first sports air craft air show is also being considered.

Bhopal: Entrepreneur Manish Saini, who is trying to start air safari in two national parks of the state, Kanha and Bandhavgarh, met Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The CEO of private Aero Sports and Adventures Company, Shri Saini informed the Chief Minister that for the first time the scheme of air safari would be implemented.

For this, 2 to 14 seater aircraft will be used and efforts are being made that it should also be manufactured in Madhya Pradesh. It is planned to be launched in the next two months in collaboration with the Aviation Department. Also, the first sports aircraft air show is also being considered.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan praised this initiative. He expressed hope that tourism activities will expand as soon as the wave of Covid stops and then tourists coming to visit Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha National Park will also be able to enjoy air tourism. Shri Saini also invited Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for the launch of Air Safari service.

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