Alert In Durg District Regarding Omicron

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  • 56 people have returned from foreign travel in the district.
  • 7 new cases have been found in Durg.
  • There has been a surge in covid case sin the country.

Durg: After 2 people from abroad found corona infected in Bilaspur, an alert has been declared in Durg district regarding the new variant Omicron. In the last 6 days, 56 people have returned from foreign travel in the district. It is a matter of concern that 5 of the incoming passengers have come from ‘at risk’ category countries. On the other hand, cases of corona infection have also started increasing in the district. On Friday, 7 new cases have been found in the district.  Earlier on November 24th and 28th, 7 infected patients were found on both days.

According to the International Traveling Report received from the District Surveillance Officer, Durg district has 3 from Canada, 11 from Dubai, 1 from Ireland, 2 from the Maldives, 2 from Qatar, 2 from KSA, 5 from Singapore, 1 from Sweden, 3 from UAE, 4 people have come from UK, 15 from USA, 1 from West Africa, 1 from Chicago, 4 from Cyprus, 1 from Kuwait and 2 from Netherlands. There has been a stir in the district administration due to so many people reaching the city from abroad. Full information of all the people coming from abroad is being kept and their covid test is also being done. 

50 active cases were found in Durg on December 4th, Durg district has the highest number of 7 corona infected. Out of 50, 46 are being treated in hospital and 4 are in-home quarantine. Along with this, 3 in Raipur, 2 in Kabirdham, 2 in Balodabazar, 1 in Bilaspur, 2 in Raigarh, 2 in Korba, 1 in Janjgir, 1 in Gaurela, 1 in Balrampur, 2 in Dantewada and 2 in Kanker district were found corona positive.

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