All 22 Bodies Recovered In Nepal Plane Crash Incident

Story Highlights
  • The last body was resumed on Tuesday.
  • Rescue officers said that they have also retrieved the black box.
  • Bad weather was the reason behind the crash of the Tara Air plane.

Kathmandu: All 22 bodies have been recovered from the incident site in the Tara airplane crash that took place in the Mustang district of Nepal on Sunday morning. According to the rescuers, the black box has also been retrieved and is bringing it to the base station.

“Because of bad weather conditions rescue operation was very difficult, even with 50-60 rescuers has been deployed. Three helicopters are also stationed which have been engaged in retrieving the bodies located by the rescuers from the accident site to the nearby base station,” the Spokesperson at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu said.

“The site of the accident is located at 14,500 feet, making the terrain extremely sloppy. The constant rain and clouds have created difficulties for the rescuers. Despite that, they are doing their very best to retrieve the dead bodies and ferry them to the base station and back to Kathmandu,” an airport official added.

A preliminary investigation made by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has shown that the crash might have occurred due to bad weather conditions. “Preliminary investigation showed that the aircraft which should have made a right turn instead took a left turn due to the bad weather and crashed,” he said further.

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